Jovie Organic Goat Infant Milk Stage 1 400gm

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Breastmilk is the gold standard when it comes to infant nutrition. Some women, however, cannot or choose not to breastfeed. Jovie Goat Infant Milk provides the perfect amount of nutrients so you can confidently nourish your baby from birth onwards.
Jovie provides goat milk goodness. Each ingredient that goes into our formula is carefully selected so growing babies get exactly what they need. Nothing more, nothing less.
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ORGANIC whole goat milk powder; ORGANIC lactose; ORGANIC vegetable oils (ORGANIC sunflower oil, ORGANIC rapseed oil); ORGANIC galactooligosaccharides (milk); marine fish oil containg DHA (fish oil); MINERALS (calcium carbonate, sodium citrate, magnesium chloride, sodium chloride, ferrous lactate, zinc sulphate, copper sulphate, manganese sulphate, potassium iodide, sodium selenite); VITAMINS (ascorbic acid, dl-alpha-tocopheryl acetate, cholecalciferol, retinol acetate, niacinamide, calcium-d-pantothenate, thiamine hydrochloride, pyridoxine hydrochloride, folic acid, riboflavin, phytomenadione, biotin, cobalamine); L-chline bitartrate; L-cystine; L-tryptophan, inositol; L-carnitine L-tartrate.
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