Welcome to Let's Organic

LETS ORGANIC DEPARTMENT STORE LLC is a leader in Distribution, Retail and F & B for a holistic approach to an organic lifestyle. Headquartered in Dubai, UAE we work across the GCC.

With our Let's Organic family, our passion spans the globe to share our vision with you within a set of defined core values that uphold our mission.

To provide a global platform for an organic lifestyle accessible to every person in the GCC by 2022.
  • Educate consumers on the benefits of adopting an organic lifestyle.
  • Offer healthy alternatives for children by way of compromise-free products.
  • Provide affordable high-quality organic products.
  • Use only recycled and bio-degradable packaging within a waste-free supply chain.
  • Engage in CSR initiatives for a brighter and sustainable future.
  • Promote healthy organic living in our communities.
  • Grow our business with honesty and integrity.
  • Always keep the customer first.
  • Practice environmental stewardship and sustainability.
  • Welfare and happiness of staff and stakeholders.

“During my life’s journey, I discovered the sheer joy of eating and living within an organic lifestyle. From the food on my table, to the products and detergents, I used to clean my home and all aspects of my life, my family and I evolved to complete organic living. It has been an amazing transformation for us in mind, body and soul.

Farmers, producers and manufacturers long struggled from a limited demand resulting in inflated prices of organic products. This made organic living unaffordable to most people. I wanted to change this. With my first-hand experience of reaping the benefits of an organic lifestyle, I sought to create an organic community in my home country, the UAE, to eventually flourish throughout the region. This is where the idea of Let's Organic was born.

Let's Organic is passionate about creating a better world for this generation and the many to come after. It goes far beyond just a business for us. It’s a total commitment to touch each and everyone’s life in a positive way and a pledge to contribute to a healthier happy society.

We reach out and support farmers, producers and manufacturers who genuinely believe in our cause and passion. From fresh foods to groceries, cosmetics and home essentials we source only the finest products from around the world using only the most trustworthy and genuine sources. We have taken the initiative in connecting over 50,000 marginal farmers directly or through our partner organizations, farmer’s groups, self-help groups and NGO’s across the globe. We also work very closely with the UAE government for ethical, sustainable practices and support to local farms and producers.

Let’s build a better world today and for our generations to come!

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